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Hello World OpenTK For MonoTouch?


I was curious, with the release of MonoTouch and its stripped-down version of OpenTK, if anyone has created a "Hello World" type of OpenTK tutorial for MonoTouch. I searched online but couldn't find one (granted, MonoTouch is new), and the usual tutorials for OpenTK are for standard Mono/.NET applications.

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Check out the OpenGLESSample from the monotouch/samples repository. The code covers everything you need to know in order to use OpenTK on MonoTouch.

The main difference from the regular OpenTK is that you use MonoTouch/iPhone facilities to create the OpenGL context, read input or otherwise interact with the OS. OpenTK provides only OpenGL|ES bindings and math functions.

There is an on-going effort to strip down OpenTK dependencies and make its internal implementation more modular. While not a high-priority, it is possible we'll see more parts of OpenTK running on MonoTouch in the future.

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Yes, that sample code helped quite a bit, thank you! I think things changed since beta (to be expected) as I had to rejigger it a bit. Nevertheless, I have a spinning rainbow square in my iPhone simulator, so now I have something with which to go forth!

Thanks again,