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GL 3.2 machine

By dropping fixed-functionality OpenGL lost quite some weight, namely

Evaluators & Vertex Arrays
Feedback & Selection
Immediate mode Vertex conversion
Matrix Control
Texture Coordinate Generation, Fog

So what's left is

Vertex Array Control & Primitive Assembly
Clipping, Perspective & Viewport
Per-Fragment Ops
Framebuffer Control
Pixel Conversions

A diagram of what is left is quite compact now and I'd like to add this to the book/manual, but first I'd like to gather some feedback and suggestions. Free your mind.

OpenGL machine diagram v2.png154.61 KB


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Even more coincidences: I asked for a bootleg and Nvidia posted a recording of the presentation from the GPU Technology Conference. Although I feel a little stalked, it is much appreciated! Thank you :)

To stay on topic: I'll probably add a book page using the above image this weekend. Got most of the pipeline described so far, just need to fill in some gaps and add detail.