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GLControl Disables Arrow Keys From Raising Form's KeyDown Event . . . . .

Project:The Open Toolkit library
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I tried to use GLControl's own KeyDown Events to use in my application but Arrow Keys(up, down, left, right) do not raise it's events.
But then i tried to use Form's KeyDown Events and Arrow Keys were not working here either but the rest of the keys do.

Then i used Windows.Panel and checked to make sure if there was nothing with the Form but here both Panel's and Form's KeyDown Events were being raised by Arrow Keys.

I have supplied code in C# which explains the problem a lot clearly.
Just try commenting and uncommenting and see it for yourself.

OpenTK version used :
Problem persists in : as well.

OpenTK Bug Report.zip1.79 KB


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This is actually because the Control consumes those keys by default.

Derive from the GLControl and add the following method override:

        protected override bool IsInputKey(Keys keyData)
            //force all keys to be passed to the regular key events
            return true;

This will mean that certain child controls will lose tab navigation, text entry, etc. if you consume those key events so you can selectively enable the ones that are required.

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Thanks for the pointer. casanovaC4, can you please test whether this solves the issue for you?

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Yes the above solution did solve my problem.
But I think GLControl should not alter Form's own KeyDown Events.

Anyhow It's working now.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards.

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Status:open» closed

Thanks for confirming.

This is a general issue that stems from the Windows.Forms design, rather than something specific to GLControl-specific. GLControl itself does not interact with the keyboard/mouse in any way: these events are provided by the base System.Windows.Forms.UserControl class (i.e. we cannot alter its implementation).

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Is there alternatives to inheriting from GLControl to make arrow keys work?

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Yes, handle the PreviewKeyDown event.