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Table of Contents / Chapter Layout

Quote from the original news post:

Table of Contents:

1. Installation
[Linux, Windows, compilation instructions, starting a new project]
2. A Simple Introduction
[creating a window, drawing shapes, resizing the window, user input]
3. Warming up
[common game-related tasks like framerate independence, text rendering, mode setting, projections/math, loading resources, playing sounds]
4. Putting it all Together
[show how to create a simple game, e.g. 3d pong or something of that calibre]
5. Advanced Topics
[managed/unmanaged resource pools, interop performance, the GC, scripting on .Net]
6. Advanced OpenGL
7. Advanced OpenAL
8. References


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Agreed. This is especially important, since there are several differences between each of these (e.g. GLControl is much lower level). A chapter on GLContext would also be nice, and how you can use that to make your own window managers.