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the function has been disabled on svn (probably due to changes in the mechanism to query extensions in forward compatible contexts), is there any replacement that I cannot find, or should everyone implement this themselves?


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The latter:

  • on GL3.0+ use GL.GetString(StringName.Extensions, i)
  • on GL1.0-2.1 use GL.GetString(StringName.Extensions).Split(' ')

String comparisons should be case-insensitive and exact (i.e. a == b rather than a.Contains(b)).

The bindings no longer contain any version-specific code (the SupportsExtension() method would have to be implemented on each profile independently).

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Thanks for confirmation.

Just fyi the other issues porting Bubble Team to 0.9.9-2b were:

  • Glu.Ortho2D gone, replaced by Matrix4 equivalent.
  • .wav loader gone, added the files of the loader to my project (suboptimal)

It's working flawless tho.