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[Input] Converting OpenTK.Input.Key keys to chars

Hi there!

Although the current Keyboard implementation works fine for standard OpenGL applications and games, I would appreciate a way to convert those Keys to actual real chars (for ingame console/textfield purposes). As I'm using the OpenTK GameWindow I can't accept WM_ messages directly; , and as I don't want to loose the multi-platform support, I cannot reverse the process of mapping OpenTk Keys -> Virtual Keys -> chars by using Win32 functions.

I don't know whether its possible, but it would be really nice if you not just save the OpenTK key, but also the char representation.

While simple input methods like A-Z and 0-9 can be converted easily, brackets and such are harder to convert because of different keyboard layouts.



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Yes, this would be very useful. A feature request exists (#759: [GameWindow] Add character information to input events) and I hope to implement this in the near future. However, this is much more complicated to implement than I initially suspected, so it may take some time to implement correctly.

Of course, any and all help appreciated.

Edit: Added an initial implementation on win32. It seems to have one or two kinks (escape key generates a keychar?) but otherwise works fine.

An implementation on X is much more complicated - I'll handle that next. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to implement this on Carbon.