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open source 3D model editor?

I see "Golem 3D model editor", which sounds exactly like what I am looking for -- IF it were open source.

Any suggestions for C# source code that exists as a starting point?

I have my own ideas of how a 3D modeling tool could work (fluidly, like sketching in 2D on paper, less emphasis on individual control points, layered levels of detail).

I will be using C# and OpenGL, and I want to build on work that exists. Therefore Mono and OpenTK seems a good fit.
I use C# professionally, and OpenGL seems poised to break open on the web. (Contrast with various Microsoft solutions: WPF 3D sounds like it has performance problems for what I am interested in, which includes animation where MANY individual grid points move over time. XNA seems focused on XBOX, though Visual3D Game Engine is a commercial product that uses XNA for broader simulation purposes, so maybe is an option. DirectX website always makes me go cross-eyed with its low-level emphasis. Silverlight doesn't even support WPF 3D yet.)

I could write a 3D modeling tool from scratch, but given my day job that would be slow going, so doubtful I would maintain the momentum.

I don't care whether the tool runs on anything but Windows, so I had been ignoring Mono. I am very familiar with Microsoft WinForms and GDI+ development, so am dubious about switching to GTK# for the GUI aspects. Besides, I'll continue using WinForms daily for my clients. But being disenchanted with Microsoft's 3D solutions, I am at a crossroads as to how to blend the GUI aspects of toolmaking, with control of 3D modeling and animation.


C# source code that lets me do traditional click-and-drag creation and editing of points, lines, curves, and meshes, targeting OpenGL. Even if very incomplete, would at least help me transition from 2D GDI+ tool writing to 3D tool writing.

Suggestions? Code donations?


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This Golem 3D editor looks promising indeed, but no source code.

You could check out those projects, fairly premature but perhaps useful:

Cocoa (OSX) and C# (I think) Windows:

Qt based:

Can you post some similar open source 3d editor starting point that you find?

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Use a search engine of your choice for "+game +engine +3d" and you will find a couple of them. Some of them are working on model editors too, in all stages. :-)
Or find a starting point at

Cu, Horst.

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Thanks Horst for the link.

Given my .NET focus, after reviewing various game engines, comparing current features of DirectX and OpenGL for high end graphic cards, and having good conversations with the folks at RealmWare (, I will be helping them make V3D be the toolset that I want to see.