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[GameWindow] Retrieve window handle

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:support request

Hi! how can I retrieve the window handle of my game window??


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The window handle is not exposed, as it is an implementation detail. Even if it were part of the public API, you'd still need the display connection, device context or a number of other platform-specific parameters, which would still not be exposed.

OpenTK itself relies on IWindowInfo instances that contain all the necessary parameters. GameWindow provides a WindowInfo property that can be used with other OpenTK APIs (e.g. the GraphicsContext constructor).

Of course, this doesn't help if you need the handle for a non-OpenTK API. To that end, I must ask: what do you need the handle for?

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thanks, I tried to send a message to change the icon (my other post), but I think that the solution is to set the icon in a clean way and not with the sendmessage


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I found how to retrieve the window handle...
if someone needs this:

IWindowInfo ii = ((OpenTK.NativeWindow)this).WindowInfo;
object inf = ((OpenTK.NativeWindow)this).WindowInfo;
PropertyInfo pi = (inf.GetType()).GetProperty("WindowHandle");
IntPtr hnd = ((IntPtr)pi.GetValue(ii, null));