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GLWidget in a Gtk.Notebook cause app to crash.

System info asked for in the getting help FAQ.

operating system : OpenSuse running 64bit.
graphics card/driver version : Quadro FX 1600m Driver version 185.18.36
processor/ ram info : intel centrino duo 2gig ram @ 2.4 ghz

mono --version : Mono JIT compiler version
monodevelop version : MonoDevelop Ide

opentk version : using opentk from svn (updated this morning).

Anyways like the topic says when I add the glwidget to a Gtk.Notebook (basically a tabbed group for those unfamiliar with it) the application crashes with a SIGSEGV (see attached files for error text) if I just post the glwidget to the form it works fine. Has anybody else come across this or can anybody tell me why it's happening/ how to fix it?

sample code of the application that causes a crash attached.

the glwidget code is from JTaltons post on this page

MainWindow.cs1.6 KB
crash.txt5.98 KB


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Have you tried the workaround posted on that thread? Just make sure that the Console.WriteLine() is the very first line of code executed in your program - this allows OpenTK to initialize X with threading support before GTK takes hold of the server.

(Yes, we'll add a proper solution to initialize OpenTK, but I don't think there's any way around the "very first line of code" part. I'm far from an X expert, however).

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Ok I had that line in but it was in the main window class. now that I've moved it before the Application.Init() call in the main class it works fine. I thought it just had to go before any opentk code. Thanks for the help.