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Alt+Tab weirdness

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report

when i use alt tab to switch between running programs, the program i choose is usually (for example default WindowsFormsApplication) moved to the front of the alt tab list... so that when i use alt tab again it is at the start of the list...

however when i run QuickStart and alt tab the position never changes and always remains at the end of the list?

something do do with NativeWindow.FocusChanged not working maybe?

the Fiddler wrote:

I can confirm this, strange issue. A quick search indicates that this may be related to the "always on top" flag.

Can you please file a bug so this issue doesn't get lost?


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Status:open» confirmed
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Anyone has any ideas on this issue?

I haven't been able to find a solution, no matter what I've tried. OpenTK always appears last in the alt-tab list, just before the "show desktop" icon:

(OpenTK is the generic application icon just before the selected one)

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Version:all versions» 0.9.x-dev
Status:confirmed» fixed

Fixed in r2558. The issue was that the winodw class was using the CS_IME style incorrectly.

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Version:0.9.x-dev» 1.0-beta-3
Status:fixed» closed

Closing issues fixed in opentk-1.0-beta-3.