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just curious why rename (deprecate) from Translation to CreateTranslation instead of Translate for consistency with Matrix4.Rotate and Matrix4.Scale and GL.Translate, GL.Rotate, and GL.Scale



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Two reasons:

  • Matrix4.Translation doesn't do what it implies (unlike GL.Translate, it creates a translation matrix but does not apply it.)
  • We'd like to bring the math API closer to XNA. This way, you'll be able to use tutorials and code built for XNA with less issues (for example, physics libraries like JigLibX).
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it cant apply it... its static... just like Matrix4.Rotate? should that be renamed CreateRotation as well? and scale

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Rotation -> CreateRotation[XYZ], CreateFromAxisAngle, CreateFromQuaternion
Scale -> CreateScale

Here is the full API we are targeting and here is a relatively complete (but untested) implementation. The main issue is that I am working full-throttle on other parts of OpenTK right now, so any help with the math API appreciated!

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oh it was renamed to CreateFromAxisAngle...

i was using the Rotate overload that takes a quaternion which is not deprecated