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Custom GlControl creation with Visual Studio editor

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions
Category:support request
Status:closed (invalid)

For my project, I need to enable Stencil buffer. By default, it's not activated. So I need the following code (not yet sure about argument values) :

// Commented the following code from "InitializeComponent();" :
// "this.RenderControl = new OpenTK.GLControl();"
// Added the following to the constructor of my form :
GraphicsMode mode = new GraphicsMode(new ColorFormat(32), 24, 8);
RenderControl = new OpenTK.GLControl(mode);

This way I can create a custom GlControl.

But now, when I want to edit my form in the Form Editor, I have a nice error


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Double post of #1256: Custom GlControl creation with Visual Studio editor