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restoring the cursor shape (tested on windows)

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report

If in any window (with examples attached to the library) I move the cursor to the edge of the window (the cursor changes standard shape to resize shape - is ok) and then return to the center of the window the cursor shape is wrong (still like to resize!).


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Version:0.9.9-3» 0.9.x-dev
Status:open» fixed

Finally fixed in rev. 2368.

I wasn't aware that you could specify a default cursor when registering the window class - nice and simple!

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The mouse pointer does not update and stays the same in a GameWindow on Windows XP and Vista. Example: When the application is loading the pointer shows an hourglass and stays the hourglass. If the mouse is moved off the window and then back on, it will either then be the regular mouse pointer, or the resize mouse pointer depending on if the mouse movement detected the resize border. The mouse pointer stays this way while over the GameWindow and only changes if you move off the window.

Does not seem to be fixed in 0.9.9-3

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This issue was filed against 0.9.9-3 and has been fixed in 0.9.x-dev (i.e. SVN trunk).

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Version:0.9.x-dev» 1.0-beta-1
Status:fixed» closed

Closing issues fixed in 1.0 beta-1.