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Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 is here

Or, more specifically, here.

The release notes indicate that this release fixes most of the performance and text rendering issues in beta 1. I also like the "add reference" and help browser improvements.

Downloading as we speak. Has anyone tested this? Impressions?


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ya i am playing around with it... like it
one interesting thing i didn't notice before is right click on any method and choose View Call Hierarchy, shows all calls to, from, and overrides

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Have not tried it. One person at work is using it. I have heard that it still cannot debug managed and unmanaged code at the same time if you are running on a 64-bit OS. Keeps me on the 32-bit versions of windows.

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Anyone tried the new Visual studio 2010? My first impression was that it's heavily influenced by QTCreator.

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Such a very amazing link! Thanks you for the post