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GLU Deprecated

I just updated to the latest (0.9.9-3) from (0.9.8) and I noticed that now GLU is deprecated. Just wondering why and whether or not there is a convenient replacement for that functionality (the release notes just say to "Please use OpenTK instead."). Also, I have the same question with regards to TextPrinter...?


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GLU can be replaced almost completely using the math toolkit (Matrix4, etc). If you are using some specific part that is not covered by OpenTK, please post a feature request! Note that the GLU is officially deprecated - many parts will not work with OpenGL 3.x at all.

The TextPrinter will become available as a separate (non-deprecated) project in the near future. While I won't be able to maintain the TextPrinter on my own, I hope that someone will be willing to adopt it and develop it further.