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OnUpdateFrame function does not work with maximum update rate

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report
Assigned:the Fiddler

When I run my program through the Application.Run() with maximum update rate
OnUpdateFrame function does not work, OnRenderFrame function works only.
OnUpdateFrame function with maximum update rate worked in earlier versions of the library.


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Thank you for taking the time to help improve OpenTK.

Can you please provide a small test case that demonstrates this issue?

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Simple small test case. The cube should animate.

Test2.zip8.32 KB
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Priority:normal» critical
Assigned to:Anonymous» the Fiddler
Status:open» confirmed

Thank you, bumping priority. This is a critical issue that warrants an out-of-schedule bugfix release.

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Version:0.9.9-3» 0.9.x-dev
Status:confirmed» fixed

Fixed in rev. 2395.

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Version:0.9.x-dev» 1.0-beta-1
Status:fixed» closed

Closing issues fixed in 1.0 beta-1.