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Extrascreen drawing

Where it is possible to learn the help by new possibilities OpenTK:
1) on extrascreen drawing ?
2) to drawing in a file ?



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  1. You can perform off-screen rendering using a Framebuffer Object.
  2. You can save to a file by reading back the contents of the framebuffer with GL.ReadPixels, storing them to a System.Drawing.Bitmap and calling its Save() method. Check the source code for GLControl.GrabScreenshot() to find out how to do this - I have used this method to record 720p/30Hz video in realtime.

Edit: I have added documentation on how to save an OpenGL rendering to disk.

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Fiddler! Many thanks!
All works well.

But, if the figure is more 4096 * 4096 it is impossible...
This limitation FBO or OpenGL or OpenTK?


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This is a video card limitation. Check MaxTextureSize with GL.GetInteger().