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[The following are the author's opinions and are not official OpenTK documentation.]

Why Are You Here?

OpenTK is all about C# and OpenGL. If you are doing C++ or Java you may want to try elsewhere. C# is a managed language and OpenTK works with the other managed languages too. But this is mainly about C#.

You want OpenGL for 3d graphics. You want the software to be

  • fast
  • portable
  • state-of-the-art functionality

If I'm not mistaken, your only choice is OpenGL.

There could be other libraries that bind OpenGL to C# (actually there are). OpenTK is attractive because it is pretty well integrated into the managed programming language paradigm. It is also very nice that it includes OpenAL giving you access to the sound buffers. (Apparently DirectSound is deprecated, making OpenAL an even better choice.)

OK, let's get going.