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[PBO] How to use GL.MapBuffer() ?

How can I access pixel data in a PBO with this method :

IntPtr ptr = GL.MapBuffer(BufferTarget.PixelUnpackBuffer, BufferAccess.ReadWrite);

How can I convert from a IntPtr to a byte[] ? I can allocate memory pointed to by IntPtr with Marshal.AllocHGlobal
and copy data to it with Marshal.Copy, but I loose the advantage of the PBO.


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GL.MapBuffer returns a pointer to unmanaged memory. You cannot move this over to managed memory (byte[]) without copying data.

However, you can use unsafe code to cast the IntPtr to byte* and access the data like that. Alternatively, you can use Marshal.ReadByte() and Marshal.WriteByte and avoid unsafe code altogether.

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Logic would dictate that we should not copy the data because it loses the benefit of the extension. What would be the best way... ?

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Either use an unsafe pointer or Marshal.Read/WriteByte(). "Best" here depends on your requirements - for example, you may wish to avoid unsafe code, or you may be using a language which doesn't support pointers (e.g. VB.Net) so you are left with the Marshal class. C# can use both approaches.

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There's a code snippet how to use unsafe code with GL.MapBuffer in the documentation.

If you do not require random access to the buffer, use GL.BufferSubData and GL.GetBufferSubData to perform copies.