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OpenTK on OS X: mono Examples.exe not showing anything


i installed mono for OS X and downloaded OpenTK binaries for Linux. When i try to execute mono Examples.exe from xterm inside X11, nothing shows up on the screen.
I browsed this site documentation and i occurred in a page that says this:
cd opentk-0.3.13/Examples
mono Examples.exe

A new window will hopefully show up, listing all available examples. If not, check the troubleshooting section below.

But no troubleshooting section is available(or at least i couldn't find it).

Suggestion on how to fix?


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The documentation is under construction (just added a warning to the manual), so pages are missing.

Unfortunately I don't currently have access to a system with OS X, so it's difficult to test if things work. Can you try a few things to help find out what's wrong?

First of all, which mono version is this? (Try running "mono --version"). Versions older than 1.2.4 are untested and may not work.

Is there any error message? Mono logs X errors to the terminal, in the form "X11 Bad[...] encountered". Try using "mono --debug Examples.exe", to see if anything else shows up.

Can you try compiling a debug version of the Examples? Download the source code and execute "mono Build.exe mono debug" inside the Build/ directory. You'll need nant to do this (if you don't have nant, you can create a MonoDevelop project with the "mono Build.exe monodev" command, and compile through the IDE).