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OpenTK.Utilities || TextPrinter


Why in later versions are not supported TextPrinter? Why missing OpenTK.Utilities library in later versions?


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The TextPrinter has been moved into OpenTK.Compatibility and will eventually become a separate project from OpenTK.

I simply don't have the time or resources to maintain this code.

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How can I easy draw text?

OpenTK.Compatibility > TextPrinter can't used, because: 'GL' is an ambiguous reference between 'OpenTK.Graphics.GL' and 'OpenTK.Graphics.OpenGL.GL'.

Existing something for freetype .net? hm

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Are you using both OpenTK and OpenTK.Compatibility? If that is the case you need to specify the full path i.e.OpenTK.Graphics.GL or OpenTK.Graphics.OpenGL.GL. Or take out one of the using statements so the compiler knows what to do.

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You could also make the reference unambiguous by doing
using GL = OpenTK.Graphics.OpenGL.GL

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I try use OpenTK.Compatibility library to print tex on screen, but:

How i solved this problem??

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Make sure that all projects in your solution are using the same OpenTK version. (To be sure, remove all OpenTK references, rebuild the solution (it fails) and re-add the references).