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FSAA list

How I get list of supported FSAA levels, which I can then use in

 ... new GameWindow( width, height,  new GraphicsMode( 
       depthBuffer,  GraphicsMode.Default.Stencil, 
       selectedFSAA), name );



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There is API to get a list of supported FSAA levels. If you think this would be useful, please file a feature request!

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I think it's good addition or how else put these levels supported in to the menu..sorry, dont know where to write requestes, if anyone else needs this? Or if there is Tao. code available on this, I can use it too

Second question, is opentk supporting Mesa on linux (or ati's official drivers only)? I tested with ubuntu 9.10 with mesa drivers (newest official ati drivers' doesnt support my ati x1650 card so every demo crashes when closing and fbo doesnt work at all).
[Mesa DRI R300 or something, I can post the log if needed]

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You can add bug reports / feature requests by clicking on "Issues" -> "Create", which will take you to this page.

I don't recall Tao allowing you to retrieve a list of FSAA modes (SimpleOpenGlControl doesn't support this for certain and I don't think SDL/GLUT/GLFW can can do that either). What you can do is create a number of GraphicsMode instances, each with a higher number of samples, and check how many samples these instances really have, i.e:

foreach (int samplecount in new int[] { 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 })
    Console.WriteLine(new GraphicsMode(32, 24, 0, samplecount).Samples);

In any case, please file a feature request for this - it's useful and shouldn't be too hard to add in the next version.

[Mesa DRI]
OpenTK works fine on Mesa DRI (actually typing this on an Intel IGP right now). Try running the debug version of Examples.exe and attach its output to a bug report - this should give a clue about the crashes.

I may be mistaken here, but I don't think Ubuntu 9.10 ships with FBO support for R300. Going from discussions on phoronix.com, this feature should become available around 10.04 or so (or sooner, if you dare try xorg-edgers).

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Ill tomorrow paste these debug logs, now having problem with LAN and it's late (over 22 here ;)). Will check these other problems (these are problem when testing axiom with opentk renderer what I try to update now) so step by step :)

Maybe Ill install 9.04 too, fourth os, so I can test these w7, xp, ubuntu 9.10 and 9.04 ..

Offtopic (sorry), but is vs2010 slow? On my computer it's so slow so i switched back to vs2009 (or 2008 or whatever that latest were ;)) ..btw mono supports quite well net 3.5 nowadays, tested compiled with 3.5 exes on linux and works.

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Personally, I am using VirtualBox to test (I have about 250GB dedicated to various Linux and Windows installations). It works pretty well for everything up to GL2.1 and it's much better than rebooting all the time. Nice thing is that you can share the VMs between operating systems and have a common test environment regardless of your current host.

I've had little problem running .Net 3.5 apps on Mono 2.0+. It's possible to hit some compilation snags no Mono (e.g. Mono 2.0 chokes no complex Linq queries and Mono 2.4.3 doesn't parse generic constraints correctly), but things tend to work very smoothly if you compile on .Net and run on Mono.

I also found VS2010 beta 1 very slow when I tried it. The editor itself was alright, but the language service would hang regularly (I guess OpenTK isn't the simplest target either, as it contains several very complex files, like GL.cs). I'm told beta 2 is quite a bit faster but I haven't installed that myself, yet.