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[Patch] Fixes taskbar being visible on top of fullscreen window in MsWindows

I have an issue in which the taskbar is visible on top of my fullscreen GameWindow, until its clicked (giving it focus).
I fixed this quick & dirty. See the attached patch, hope it helps.

This was tested on 2 pcs, one running Vista, the other - XP.

The issue was observed in the following OTK versions:
- 0.9.9 - 3
- 1.0 beta 2
- trunk of today

Note: I realize this is a pretty basic/obvious issue. Most of you probably don't experience it, otherwise it would have been fixed. I can cooperate in tracking down the faulty behavior in my 2 specific pcs, if you want that.

Note 2: well, to be more clear: even for nonfullscreen windows, the windows don't get focus on appearing. this is faulty behavior and my patch fixes it.


[fix your drupal to allow .diff uploads please. I uploaded as .txt]

SetForegroundWindow.txt820 bytes


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Did you look at this? Was it helpful?

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Sorry, forgot to reply here: I've added a slightly modified version of your patch to the 1.0 branch. The main difference is that I have moved the SetForegroundWindow call to WM_CREATE instead of WM_ERASEBKGD, which should have the same effect (keyword here is "should"). Since I cannot reproduce the issue here, it would help if you can confirm whether the issue is fixed (I will release a new version shortly).

Thanks for the patch.

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Yes, that works. HTH :)