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Multiple texture coordinates with VBOs?

Hi ya.

How could I tell OpenGL that my model has 2 sets of uve coordinates (one for textures one for lightmap)?

I have been trying to use GL.TexCoordPointer but havent had much luck with that. Is there some other method I could use?


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Why do I always figure these thing out after I have already posted a topic?

I changed the code to this:

			GL.TexCoordPointer( 	4, 	TexCoordPointerType.Float, 	10 * sizeof( float ), (IntPtr) ( 6 * sizeof( float ) ) );
			//GL.TexCoordPointer( 2,	TexCoordPointerType.Float,	10 * sizeof( float ), (IntPtr) ( 8 * sizeof( float ) ) );

giving it 4 floats instead of 2.

After that I changed my shader to

uniform sampler2D tex;
uniform sampler2D light;
void main()
	gl_FragColor = gl_Color * 
				 texture2D(tex, gl_TexCoord[0].xy) *
				 texture2D(light, gl_TexCoord[0].zw);

so the lightmap texture uses the z and w floats.