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Different (bad) rendering of scene on different PCs.


I made a PC game - chess on my machine and it works good on it. Check this screen.
My PC:

BUT, when i try the game on other PCs... it looks horrible. Check these two screens:


Where may be the problem. Any help would be very appreciated.

My PC is Windows 7 Professional.
Second screen PC is Windows 7 Professional
Third screen PC is Windows 7 Ultimate
It works good on Windows XP as i know.


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This looks like z-fighting to me, where the z-buffer does not have enough bits to resolve between objects close objects. However, tThe fact that it works well on XP but fails on Win7 may hint at a driver issue: Windows don't install OpenGL drivers by default. You have to go to your vendor's website and download video drivers manually for OpenGL to work correctly.

Without those drivers, OpenGL is either routed through a Direct3D emulator (on Windows Vista and 7) or a GDI emulator (XP and older). Neither is very robust, which leaves a chance for rendering artifacts.