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Final Release of ATI Stream SDK 2.0 with OpenCL is Out!

The final release of the ATI Stream SDK 2.0 with OpenCL is released, grab it at: http://developer.amd.com/GPU/ATISTREAMSDK/Pages/default.aspx

I've just installed the SDK and some important things have changed from the previous beta.
[1] It no longer appears that you can download the GPU drivers for OpenCL on the ATI Stream SDK page.
[2] The downloadable SDK has both the Dev kit and the Samples in the same zip file along with the ATI performance profiler for Visual Studio 2008. However, the default installer for the SDK failed to install the Dev kit and the Samples because of an issue with a Beta version that was previously installed and uninstalled on my computer. Just unzip the downloaded SDK and go into the Packages folder and install from there instead of with the default installer.
[3] The ATI Stream SDK now implements that Installable Client Driver model so that multiple versions of OpenCL implementations can exist on the same computer. That means that we now have to specify an additional parameter (the specific platform) when creating the context for our kernal as detailed here: http://developer.amd.com/support/KnowledgeBase/Lists/KnowledgeBase/DispF...

What this means for CLOO and OpenTK is that the default samples won't run without until we specify the platform we want to run on from the list of available platforms. I'm going to be playing around with the CLOO and OpenTK samples to see if I can get it to work. If you have got it working, please post the code here.



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The code posted in this thread worked in my box. Can be shortened to:

ComputeContext.PropertiesDescriptor pd = new ComputeContext.PropertiesDescriptor( ComputePlatform.Platforms[ 0 ] );
ComputeContext context = new ComputeContext( DeviceTypeFlags.DeviceTypeDefault, pd, null );

Assuming that the Platforms[0] is the one you want.

Please, direct further ComputeContext related posts to the aforementioned thread and keep this for ATI Stream related discussion. Thank you.
Does anyone has a working ATI+nVidia combo? I can query either one or the other but not both.