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mono support currently working?

i was just playing around with opentk trying to get the opentk toolkit demo working on ubuntu 9.10 but to no avail. there seem to be a couple of spots in VertexBuffer und BufferBase that the mono compiler does not like.

what is the current mono runtime version supported by opentk?


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This issue was caused by an incomplete workaround for a Mono 2.4.3 bug (which should be fixed in 2.6). I've committed a fix, can you please git pull and try again?

Note that the demo is a separate project from opentk. OpenTK works with .Net 2.0+ and Mono 2.0+ (check the release notes for specific details). The demo right now requires .Net 3.5 and Mono 2.4.3, but this may to change at any moment.

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I used the preinstalled version of mono which is I will try the demo with mono 2.4.3 and report back. :)

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I ran a couple of basic opentk examples (not demo) without problems.

I'm starting to like opentk since it has everything that i was missing when i still used tao for my mono based opengl stuff. Great work! ;)

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The demo should also compile and run on Ubuntu 9.10 now (but don't expect to see anything fancy yet). :)