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Chapter 2 - OpenGL

I've started creating some pages in the Book, basically the Chapter 2 - OpenGL - Geometry. Topics are covered where I believe they will still be valid in GL3 and only require changing a few enums. Some topics are incomplete, as in placeholders.

Honest Changes/Additions/Feedback are welcome, but I think it'd be best if you correct spelling mistakes directly in the book, and also if you feel a line is missing, feel free to add to the page. I know there's too many commata and probably quite some upper cases letters are wrong. Please do correct that if english is your native language, Thanks!

I've tried to follow Fiddlers guidelines: The reader is assumed to have an intermediate understanding of C# (IntPtr, Structs and Arrays in that specific case) but no understanding of OpenGL. I'm assuming some fantasy to imagine points in space though. If the pages are read in incremential order, they should give all necessary information to draw a Mesh without touching any Textures or Shaders. Geometry is supposed to be the 3rd Chapter of OpenGL, where window/viewing/orientation related topics are covered in the first Chapter and State related things like Stencil/Scissor etc. in Chapter 2.

Some questions though:
-How should the reader be adressed? "you" or "we"?
-Are there any major logic errors contained? Some of this was ported from Tao and may still include something overlooked.
-Did I miss anything major? This is always difficult to judge when being the Author of something, because for you it all makes sense ;) The people I asked to proofread neither have english as native language nor any concept of C#, so the only useful feedback so far was regarding the Geometric Primitives Image ><
-How far are my personal opinions acceptable in the text? I do have my preferences and couldn't resist writing them down, if someone really is new to something it is always helps to have an opinion to judge against. It'd be np with me to reduce my comments, for the sake of keeping the pages more in MSDN style. Just say so, or edit as you see fit.
-Consider this my X-Mas gift to the OpenTK team :o)


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Heh, no problem. I've meant to do that all along, but I fell into the "just this one feature, then I'll document everything" trap. Frankly, writing code is more interesting than writing docs, but both are equally important. Documentation also serves as a reality check: "why is this so complicated, maybe there is a better way?"

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"just this one feature, then I'll document everything" trap
Yeah I know that feeling, but since OpenTK is currently alpha it's no problem at all. Adding documentation is more a part of proofreading than coding to me, when I implement something I barely comment anything. The documentation is built in following "cleanup" passes ;)

I'll continue the VersionXX lists next year, have to get ready.

Happy new year in advance :D

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Heh, me too. Happy new year everyone!