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Problems with OpenTK build for linux

Im new with linux and OpenTK, i'm trying to build the OpenTK source but i have a problem, the instructions to build OpenTK are.
1) Install nant from ( and execute Build-Mono.bat or Build-Net.bat (Windows) or (Unix).
2) Execute VS2005.bat or SharpDevelop2.bat (Windows) or (Unix) to create project files that can be opened and built with the corresponding IDE.
My problem is in the point 1), i cant find the file, and now im lost.
Can one of you send me that file.
My mail is


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Yes, the file was gone missing at some point before the release. It seems I never actually commited it to svn...

I'm working on a new build system, which will get rid of the batch files and scripts - but it's not ready yet. Until it is, I've uploaded the 0.3.6 binaries for Mono and Net - both should be binary compatible (you could use either without problems).