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Cloo 0.5.1 - updated

I presented here a new version of Cloo but had to delete it. If anyone downloaded the package, please consider discarding it.
Cloo 0.5.1 will be out tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Ok, it seems all fixed now. Given the critical bugs discovered so far, I'm pushing this out earlier than planned.
From the Changelog:


Breaking changes:
ComputeJobQueue renamed to ComputeCommandQueue. Avoids confusion for new users.
All ComputeEvent properties that included "Job" in their names are renamed as well.
AddBarrier(), AddMarker() and WaitFor() of ComputeCommandQueue renamed to Barrier(), Marker() and Wait() respectively.

New functionality:

New overloads/helpers:
GetByName() and GetByVendor() methods in ComputePlatform.

Inner changes:
Extension queries modified in order to give an empty list of tokens instead of a list containing one empty token in case no extensions are supported.

Enumeration of devices of an OpenCL platform.
Fixed bug that prevented creation of ComputeContext on ATI Stream 1.0 final in 64bit OS's.
ComputeCommandQueue.Read( ComputeBuffer... ) now reads the specified count of items and not the whole buffer.
Crash on ComputeCommandQueue.Wait().

A lot of small tweaks, fixes and new lines.

* Actually I finished implementing image support but it's sitting around disabled because I haven't tested it so far.
If you'd like to have a go (and your drivers support it), delete all the throw new NotImplementedException();'s in ComputeCommandQueue.cs and give it a try.