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need help


im a student and i am new to opengl especially in opentk, and i am doing a software in c# to a project that need to open a dxf file.
So if anyone can help me with something.


ps: sorry my english


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I don't know of any free DXF loaders for C#. Potential solutions:

  • Convert to another format which has loaders available. Obj, MD5, X are some options.
  • Use a free loader that is written in a different language. A quick search reveals loaders written in C++ (can be used through p/invoke) and Java (can be compiled to .Net dll using IKVM).
  • Write a DXF loader by scratch. The format looks relatively easy to parse (see here and here) and you can use projects written in other languages as a guide.
  • Use DXF Import .Net (commercial).