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Some basic confusion about OpenTK/OpenCL

Hello all, I happened across this corner of the web while researching GPGPU tools. I'm a little confused about how to use OpenTK to write OpenCL-capable apps using C#/.NET. Do I simply install Nvidia's OpenCL driver for my video card, download/install OpenTK...and then start writing an OpenCL app? Also, are there any OpenCL tutorials on this forum?

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As I (anxiously) await Cloo 0.6, I was wondering...if I write a little class library using Cloo to tap into OpenCL, how would I distribute it i.e. what would the end user need installed on their machine (aside form OpenCL drivers) in order to invoke my class library functionality. Just OpenTK? Just Cloo? Both?

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Currently, you need to redistribute both cloo and opentk. There's no need to install anything, just drop the dll's in your app's folder.

However, the latest development of Cloo is fitted with its own set of low level bindings. This makes it independent from OpenTK. Most probably, this is going to be the state of things with 0.6.

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That sounds great...looking forward to diving in!