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Create EGL Context without creating Window?

the idea is that I want to create a tool for validating a list of GLSL shaders,
which I want to compile, link and validate to make sure they have no problem before use. This is mainly for speed up the production time as a commandline tool.

is there anyway i can create the EGL context without creating window that work seamlessly in OpenTK?

thanks for all your helps :)


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Right now, you can do that indirectly by creating a window and setting its Visible property to false (this is the default.) If you do this, keep in mind that the contents of the default framebuffer will be undefined. If your tool actually needs the output of the shader, you will have to create a framebuffer object and render to that instead.

If I remember correctly, EGL also provides methods to create windowless contexts (akin to pbuffers in desktop OpenGL), but this functionality is not exposed in OpenTK right now.