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Simple Mandelbrot/Julia zoomer.

Continuation from Fun with Fractals.

Still fairly early in development but I've got zooming and saving working for Mandelbrot now.

I'm at a point where it would help to know what systems it will run on. It does need at least a shader 2.0 card, which rules out a lot of Intel jobbies, but I have no Ati cards to test so I don't know what they'll make of my shader code (I'm fairly new at shaders as well, so really don't know what will chuck up errors and what's safe between cards).
I've also not tested under Linux yet, although I will do myself at some point (again, knowing how Ati cards behave with the shaders under Linux would be useful).

Only the "Save Image" menu item works, they output a bitmap at whatever the texture size is set to, for example (2MB 2048x2048 image converted to JPEG): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1614587/swirlybrot.jpg -- Didn't think it wise to upload this one. ;o)

I do seem to hit pixelisation issues when zoomed in beyond a certain point, I think I'm hitting the limits of float precision but I'm not 100% on this. Insights would be welcome! (see second picture)

I've added another screenshot (taken when I created the above linked image) and added a binary and source version of the project to this entry. It's all released under the same licence as OpenTK (including shaders) so feel free to use and abuse any code within the terms of that licence.

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