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Post Your Development Screen Shots

The forums have been quiet... Maybe it's just a testament of how easy it is to use OpenTK.
I would like to hear or actually see what people are working on. Post you development screen shots in this thread.


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It's true. No big traffic for about a month now.

This last summer shot shows what happens when you're playing with raytracing and you happen to overshoot the FOV by entering degrees where radians are expected. Note that there are only two cubes on scene...

fov overshoot

I wonder, how would a more complex scene look like.

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That's to got be the most relaxing thing I've seen around here :D
A beach bar wouldn't hurt though...

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Well, I posted it in my blog entry, but since there's a thread now, I'll post it here as well:

Blog entry: Simple Mandelbrot/Julia zoomer.

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Linking arror
Well, thanks ATI driver developers for that (I've been staring at this error for 2 months already).

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A screenshot of the current state of my engine rendered by opentk :).
The island shown is Tenerife, Grand Canary, with real data.

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A clone of Eye of the Beholder

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This is not done with OpenTK though (I wish, C++ is painful). :/

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RPG. Coding focus is on procedural generation of the world. Running with AgateLib/OpenTK on Mac OS X.

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Amazing pics, well done guys! :)