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Post Your Development Screen Shots

The forums have been quiet... Maybe it's just a testament of how easy it is to use OpenTK.
I would like to hear or actually see what people are working on. Post you development screen shots in this thread.


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The clouds are wonderful!

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Great to see what people are working on. Thanks for sharing your screen shots.

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Some sort of bloom:

Directional light test:

Still need to add normal-mapping and point lights :-)

DirectionalLight.jpg247.72 KB
Bloom.jpg116.27 KB
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Yeah! This is great stuff! =)

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Playing with shadow mapping.

ShadowMapTrees.jpg145.77 KB
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Got normal mapping and point lights working :-)

(This shot ran at 11 fps , but with ~10 lights is runs fine.)

wip1.jpg180.14 KB
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Snorkel, what are your PC specs?
(CPU + Graphics Card + Ram)

Other than that, it's totally impressive!

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Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz , Nvidia Geforce Go 7900 GTX 512 Mb , 2.5 GB ram
Keep in mind that I draw 50 fullscreen quads with an expensive shader with multiple render targets attached and draw the geometry twice. So lots of room for optimization :-)

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I'm experimenting with procedural landscapes. The next pic shows a part of my 1024*1024 grid. (No optimizations, scaling, etc. yet)


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Here's a youtube from a virtual texture implementation that I made using openTK, although I haven't had time to work on it for a while now.
All the texels you see here are unique, even though the source material that I used isn't unique per texel.