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Cloo 0.6.0 released!

A new version of Cloo has been released.
Added functionality includes image support, extension loading, a new layer of flat bindings and enums, OpenCL/OpenGL sharing support and more.
The release comes with Clootils, a small toolkit for OpenCL info querying and running tests. It also includes a handy OpenCL compiler which can be used for syntax checking your OpenCL programs.
Please note that this release is not compatible with 0.5.1 or earlier. Given the amount and nature of breaking changes, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of an IDE to ease the process of update. And don't forget to back up your code first!

Available from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloo/


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viewon01: Can you post more details? I'm not able to reproduce the bug just from the code you posted.

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Contact me to my email viewon01@viewon.tv , I will send you my Kernel code...