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OpenTK Glu.Sphere > Need Glu.quadric ( of type intPtr quad ) for 1st variable of Glu.Sphere()

Hi there,

I am using using OpenTK.Compatibility to try to draw a GLU.Sphere

However GLU.Sphere needs an intPtr or glu.quadratic to draw the sphere (In other words, the first parameter required to make a GLU.Sphere is needed!)

Doesd anyone know if this is available somewhere or if it is not available in OpenTK?

Basically I have:

using OpenTK.Compatibility;
 private  Glu.quadric q;  // Glu.quadratic isnt available but it is in other libraries other than openTK
Glu.Sphere(q, 10.0, 10, 10); // This will work if GLU.quadratic is available

Any Ideas?


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Closing, as this is a duplicate of #1544: glu.quadratic.