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Toggle between full screen and normal screen not working ...

I discovered that switch between normal and full screen works fine, but then switches between full screen and normal does not work, that I've tested under Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. Net framework 2.0 and OpenTK (1 Beta 2).

I added a program that shows this by pressing the F-12. It's a bug, it's my mistake?

Another problem is that the delta of the mouse wheel is not updated for negative values, normally should be between 1 and -1 but in the attached program only varies between 1 and 0.

Please any solution ...

OtkGameWindow.7z355.56 KB


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The wheel issue has been fixed in SVN. (Download instructions, I'd suggest checking out the "1.0" branch: https://opentk.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/opentk/branches/1.0)

Fullscreen->Normal works fine here (Win7 64-bit, Ati) , I think the issue is that you are hooking the KeyDown event, which causes the mode switch to trigger multiple times. Change line 27 to read Keyboard.KeyUp += ... and it should work (if it doesn't please file a bug report with priority set to critical, thanks!)