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Reality check: running OpenTK Windows.Form / GLControl demo with mono under Ubuntu7.10

Does not work out-of-the box. I'm on an i86 dual boot computer, WinXP/Ubuntu7.10.

I attached the output from command line runs of my project:

mono Dogfight2008.exe >error.txt

The exe-file was built with Visual Studio 2005. I used the .NET binary distribution of OpenTK.dll, version 0.3.13.

I also attached the output of 'mono --version >monoversion.txt'. (apparently ubuntu7.10 comes with mono1.2.4)

Additional steps tried, making no difference:

- Tried updating all packages, no additional repositories
- Added repositories called gutsy-proposed and gutsy-backports, updated everything
- Several reboots of course :)

To me it seems the call to 'ShadeModel' simply crashes with a null-reference exception. Maybe shade model changes aren't implemented in OpenTK? (I can try and remove this actually not-so-necessary call tomorrow and report back..)

My next attempt will be to download/install mono 1.2.6 into ubuntu7.10, a project which might break my package db, since mono1.2.6 is not in any of the ordinary repositories (have to download each and every package manually). Before I do that risky business, I'll wait until you tell I haven't missed some really simple thing.

error.txt3.14 KB
monoversion.txt255 bytes
error4.txt4.89 KB
GLUtil.cs_.txt3.16 KB
GLControlUtil.cs_.txt1.26 KB
Debug.4.zip47.08 KB
error4debug.txt4.89 KB


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I used the 'fraps' (great program!) program to check the fps of the program under Windows. I did the same check with the spinning cube example programs, both GameWindow version and GLControl version. I also benchmarked a GRControl spinning cube example program.

Result: All of the above give approx. the same FPS in a certain window size.

Conclusion: I really need to buy a better gfx card. And now I know 3d in windowed mode may be really crappy on low-end gfx cards => go for fullscreen or make 640x480 windows or something to be sure it will run smooth.

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Result: All of the above give approx. the same FPS in a certain window size.
I can confirm this, wrote three little test-applications using OpenTK's GameWindow and Tao's GLFW and FreeGlut. All 3 are using the same GL State and issuing the same draw commands.
In a small window ~500*100 the framerate is in the 1000s, when the window is maximized to 1280x1024 it runs in the low 100s. The fps results are very similar in all apps (nVidia WinXP x86).

At least this confirms again that the OpenTK windowing is working properly.