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MacOSX BadPixelFormat error

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report

When running OpenTK on MacOSX 1.4.8 via either X11 or Terminal, the GameWindow creation refuses to open a new window and crashes with a BadPixelformat error on aglDestroyPixelFormat. Here is the entire error:

openTK.Platform.MacOS.MacOSException: AGL Error from function aglDestroyPixelFormat: BadPixelFormat
at openTK.Platform.MacOS.AglContext.MyAGLReportError
at openTK.Platform.MacOS.AglContext.CreateContext
at openTK.Platform.MacOS.AglContext..ctor

I am only supplying window = new GameWindow(800,600) to the gw initialisation, not asking for anything "fancy" like stencil buffers etc..


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Assigned to:Anonymous» kanato

I will look into this over the weekend. Unfortunately, I no longer have tiger on my Mac, so it will be difficult to test.

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I upgraded to Leopard 10.5.5, and I'm still getting the same issue.

I'm installing mono framework MacOSX release version 2.6.1, OpenTK 2606 branch 1.0.

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What graphics adapter is in your mac?

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It's a VMWare machine, underneath is a dual GeForce GTX290. I've had SDL demos up and running OpenGL on it previously in 10.4.8, I'll try on Leopard to see if that's still the case.

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Priority:critical» normal
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It's definitely something wrong with the pixel format that's being asked for by default, as other OpenGL apps and windows etc.. are working in my MacOSX installs, I'm doing some special compiles of OpenTK to see if I can narrow down the issue and display on the console a list of supported pixel formats (on getting the error). It's possible it's something like Alpha or Double Buffering that isn't supported, and that's causing the agl context to fail.

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Status:open» duplicate

This is a duplicate of #1679: GraphicsMode returns hardcoded mode on Mac OS X.