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Trixion3D started, is a simple 3D engine written in C # and of course using OpenTK

Publicada la primera versión del proyecto personal Trixion3D. Simple motor gráfico 3D escrito en C#. Es una versión pre-alpha y aún queda mucho trabajo por hacer.

Published the first draft staff Trixion3D. Simple 3D engine written in C #. It is a pre-alpha version and there is still much work to do.



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That's cool. I am awaiting for a 3D engine using OpenTK since a long time now!!!
Any news on development or licence?

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Sorry, I forgot to indicate that the source code can be downloaded from here http://sites.google.com/site/bitiopia/Home/trixion3d

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That's cool. I am awaiting for a 3D engine using OpenTK since a long time now!!!

There's a couple of them out there, I'd say. I've been tuning mine for more than two years and it's still experimental stage. But given that every time I manage to catch up with Khronos they come up with a new standard, I'll never make it to public, lol. So I'm slowly giving up and looking for game ideas that I can bring to life.

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Cool! I look forward to see more demos!

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Same here, Icarus is still experimental at this stage, with some Linux UI issues due to Mono/WinForms, but I'm sorting them out, targetting go to public alpha end of March. I've got an unofficial release up now for early testing.


Icarus Scene Engine: