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Tao Framework website vanished?

Does anyone know what's happened to the Tao Framework website (www.taoframework.com)? I've been getting a "Site Temporarily Unavailable" error anytime I try for the past week or so.

Sorry about posting this in the Open TK forums, but obviously, I can't access the Tao forums! :P

Admittedly, Tao has appeared to be pretty much dead for a while now, but there were at least some useful code samples in the forums I wanted to take a look at once I get back into Open GL programming, so I'm hoping the site isn't gone for good.


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There are some code samples and tutorials in the CS-SDL repositories (CS-SDL uses Tao).

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Looks like something in the webserver itself is borked; the domain hasn't expired and connections to the server work, so. If the site maintainer knows about it, they're probably trying to fix it, and if not... I don't see any email links on that site, and taoframework.com appears to have no mail server, so I dunno if there's much one can do.

Funny though, lack of good examples is one of the reasons I didn't like Tao... ;-) Maybe I just didn't mine the forums enough.

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Eh, the "good examples" I'm talking about were things along of the lines of "this is how to do textures with Tao" and other simple stuff like that; I'm still a newb when it comes to Open GL! :)

Don't know if there was much that was useful for more experienced programmers....

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I think you should embrace the Tao project. The Cg, SDL, FreeType bindings still need an upstream.

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^ I've already got a better version of Tao.FreeType on my github account, wraps everything up in classes with properties and instance methods that follow standard C# naming conventions.


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Quite awesome. I added this to my list at https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/pull/2408

Tao.FreeType → https://github.com/Robmaister/SharpFont
Tao.SDL → http://cs-sdl.sourceforge.net/
Tao.Cg → http://www.opentk.com/project/CgNet

Sounds like a plan :)