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Workaround for building 0.3.6 on Linux

It has been reported that the script referenced in the docs is missing from the source distribution. If you are affected, you can download binaries built with Mono and Net. Both are cross-platform compatible, so you can try either on both Windows and Linux.

It is still possible to build by hand on Linux:

  1. Open the Framework.cs file found in the "Source/Framework" directory, and comment out line 37 (Application.MessageLoopCallback MessageLoop). This type is not available on Mono/Linux yet, but it is not used by OpenTK so there is no problem.
  2. from the root directory invoke prebuild: "mono ./Build/Prebuild.exe /target nant /file ./Prebuild.xml"
  3. invoke nant with on the generated .build file: "mono NAnt.exe -t:mono-2.0"
  4. use some imaginative search expressions to copy all .exe, .dll and .config files from the "Source" directory to a directory of your choice. Alternatively you can do it by hand (you'll need at least OpenTK.OpenGL.dll with OpenTK.OpenGL.dll.config, OpenTK.Framework.dll and OpenTK.Platform.X11.dll).

The new build system will help keep the two platforms in sync, so this should be the last problem of this kind!