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Fix table of contents links in Manual.pdf

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions
Category:bug report
Status:closed (invalid)

Manual.pdf is generated by exporting the printer-friendly docs into a pdf file. However, the table of contents contains links that lead to the regular, non-printer-friendly documentation, which are exported as-is.

We need to find a way to fix those links so they link to the correct chapters and sections inside the pdf. Ideas:

  • See if this is possible to fix through drupal (we need to detect whether we are in "printer-friendly" mode and change the link path to point inside the current page).
  • Try to write a script that downloads the webpage (trivial) and modifies the TOC to point to the correct place (not so trivial, since we need to parse the TOC links, find out the correct sections and modify the links to point at those).
  • Try to think of something else entirely.


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Version:1.0-beta-3» all versions
Status:open» closed (invalid)

The real issue here is Drupal itself.