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Enum: Occlusion Query (Version15) [done!]

This Extension should have an EnableCap, but the specs are not explicitly stating any?

The new Enums (see below) affect these functions:

old: GL.BeginQuery( Version15 target, XXXXX );
new: GL.BeginQuery( QueryTarget target, XXXXX );
old: GL.EndQuery( Version15 target );
new: GL.EndQuery( QueryTarget target );
old: GL.GetQuery( Version15 target, Version15 pname, XXXX );
new: GL.GetQuery( QueryTarget target, GetQueryParam pname, XXXX );
old: GL.GetQueryObject( XXXXX, Version15 pname, XXXXX );
new: GL.GetQueryObject( XXXXX, GetQueryObjectParam pname, XXXXX );

The XXXXX marks unmodified parameters.

              public enum QueryTarget : int
                  SamplesPassed = ( (int) 0x8914 ),
              public enum GetQueryParam : int
                  QueryCounterBits = ( (int) 0x8864 ),
                  CurrentQuery = ( (int) 0x8865 ),
              public enum GetQueryObjectParam : int
                  QueryResult = ( (int) 0x8866 ),
                  QueryResultAvailable = ( (int) 0x8867 ),


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The way I understand it, the ARB version is supposed to replace the vendor extension NV_occlusion_query.

The Extension HP_occlusion_test is still required (NV built ontop of the HP extension too)

I don't see any conflict with having all 3 around, maybe it's best to keep them all. (If remove something at all, look into NV_occlusion_query)