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Test program sucks

Category:bug report

The DisplayMesh test program sucks. Needs to do some auto-scaling, needs to handle scaling better in general, needs to have option to switch between wireframe, filled, and textured meshes.


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If you have something in mind then code it, the community will find it helpful either way.
(You can reach Fiddler in case you want to submit to SVN)

I did many OpenGL tests with OpenTK so far for my projects. When they are over instead of throwing my code to garbage I post it in the Tutorial forum section in any case some one find it helpful.

Peace :)

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A wise policy. I intend to keep the test program distributed as part of Meshomatic as a tutorial material anyway, so part of the work to improve it is going to go toward clear coding and commenting and such as much as functionality.

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Version:0.1.2-alpha» 0.2

Sucks a little bit less now. It's trivially useful, at least.