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Creating Projects on Win7

Hey Guys,
I was trying to start a new project on my Win7-Computer (using VS2008 Pro). It always asks me whether to transform it to an VS2008 Project or not(seems as the files are an older Version than my IDE). Skipping it will stop my IDE working on the files. Cofirming will transform the projectfile. Afterwards I can start it but there is no sourcecode e.g. in my IDE.
Any suggestions?



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Are you creating a new project (in Visual Studio, File -> New -> Project) or are you opening an existing solution? If it is the latter, what solution are you trying to open?

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I was opening the QuickStart.sln from within the opentk folder ;)

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In that case, the solution is in VS2005 format by design (so that VS2005 users can use it). Just let VS2008 convert the solution, the source code lies in Game.cs:

Note that Visual Studio may fail to convert the solution if it lies on a network path.

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didn't work for me. Don't exactly know why but got a workaround by starting the game.cs directly :)
thx for your help.
Best regards