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New KRI features: universal animation system, deferred rendering

Hey guys, check out new features of KRI!
That's an old dude, for sure, but the implementation mechanics is much more advanced.

No need for Catalyst 9.10 today, as the content is AVI:
(17M) http://kri.googlecode.com/files/dude-walk.avi
The low-res video is also available:
(3.5M) http://kri.googlecode.com/files/dude_walk_deferred.avi

Still, you can always take a look at the engine sources:
I hope, Mercurial version control will not cause problems for you, will it?

As for new features....
The grand new animation system is described in detail here:
In short:
Blender can animate everything in separate float values.
I'm exporting & loading everything it has, converting it to the corresponding data type.
The playing support is a matter of 1 line of user code :)

Deferred rendering is not a first-class KRI citizen, but works pretty well :)
The scene has 3 omni lights (no shadows for now) with different colors. The area of screen for each is calculated dynamically and updated using a special shader (/engine/shader/g/apply*.glsl).


Dude walking in KRI


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There are many things changed behind the scenes:
-now using Mercurial instead of SVN
-chunk-based loader
-quaternion interpolation problem solved (that actually allows deferred shading without ANY matrices)
-render job dispatcher (not used in the demo)
-many others

A lot of information can be read in KRI wiki section (most is up to date).
To show the power of the exporter, I'm attaching the actual dude log.

Dude export log3.26 KB