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Taskbar pops up in fullscreen mode of GameWindow on Win7 x64

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:support request
Assigned:the Fiddler


another issue appeared with Win7. I use default Aero theme with transparency, if it's important. If i start my application in fullscreen mode the taskbar will come up several times till i finally click on the window of my app. Is this an issue with OpenTK? Maybe TopMost parameter would help? Or can i fix it in my applicaation which is similiar to GL 3.0 example for test purposes?

And another thing is very strange. Often my application starts and rotates the quad on the screen with a fracture of set speed. Only if I move the mouse inside the window it moves again faster. And sometimes it starts and rotates with normal speed.


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I still haven't managed to reproduce this. Does the issue still occur if you specify GameWindowFlags.Fullscreen in the base GameWindow constructor instead of changing the resolution and setting WindowState.Fullscreen manually (the Fullscreen flag is simply a shortcut to those calls).

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This may even be some windows bug, I've recently had this twice in an SDL game under vista64 (it was unreproducable so no chance to say what may be causing this).

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Now it's better. I use the 1.0 branch now. With GameWindowFlags.Fullscreen its focused on my window without taskbar. The animation of my app is also steadier. But I'm interested in feedback from other people.

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Confirming this as NOT-an-OpenTK bug.
I just had it occur playing Beat Hazard ( which is an X-box 360 port using DirectX, so it looks like it's not even OpenGL related.

Same problem: Firefox causing it, so I'm still unsure of the exact origins, but killing FF fixes it so no biggy.